Paranormal Greece

Demetra S. Gerontakis author of  "The reality of the supernatural"

Paranormal occurences are not always bad.

  Everything Supernatural: ghosts,angels,demons,life after death, saints, miracles,orbs,shadows,hag syndrome,UFOS and all that is paranormal.
​​​​​        For ages, people have been interested in the supernatural.    Investigators and science reasearchers have written  an unaccountable number of books related to the subject. The reality of the supernatural  reveals a new insight on paranormal occurences explaining some phenomena from a different point of view. Since anything from ghost sightings and poltergeist to miracles seem to be releted in that, all feed upon a human's belief, then, in these pages anyone can understand the unexplained through a new light.
       Many first hand accounts are recprded for the very  first time. Explanations and scientific views are pointed out for these occurences as well as two thousand year old teachings that confirm that much phenomena is infact true!
      A book for both believers and sceptics!

"The reality of the supernatural"

       by Demetra S.Gerontakis